Hello there! Let me introduce myself first.

I’m A.I. Sajib, a tech enthusiast who loves writing about consumer tech. I got into the Apple ecosystem some years ago and got hooked almost immediately. However, soon after that, Mac hardware and Apple’s general software stability started to nosedive.

Unlike many in the universe of Apple enthusiasts, I do not have a long history of owning and using Apple products. I entered the Apple ecosystem with a MacBook Pro before the butterfly disaster, and I fell in love with it. It was love at first type! Curiously, I bought an iPhone to go with it, and I never really looked back.

It’s true that Apple had some years of questionable quality both in terms of hardware craftsmanship and software stability. But if late 2020 is any indication — yes, I’m talking about the now-famous M1 — it’s coming back strong!

As someone who loves expressing himself in the written form, what better way to scratch that itch for sharing Apple stories than to start a new site?

I came up with the name Mactrovert by combining Mac and Introvert (a trait that I find in myself). Although the name has Mac in it, I’ll write everything that relates to the Apple ecosystem of products and services. I consider Macs to be the center of content creation and work, and that’s why I emphasized “Mac” over any of Apple’s other stuff.

Why Read Mactrovert?

Honestly, if you like reading about Apple stuff — excited ramblings about an upcoming new feature, tidbits of apps I’m running on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, reviews of every Apple product I use, and some general chitchat in reaction to Apple news, I think you’ll like reading Mactrovert.

Of course, I’m not going to replace big names like 9to5mac or Macstories in your feed reader, but I’ll sure be honored if I’m placed there! I don’t have tons of people working on this site. It’s just me, an Apple enthusiast writing about all things from within the Apple ecosystem of products and services.

I hope you’ll come back to read or follow Mactrovert on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or using your favorite RSS reader.

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