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How to change the link color on Apple Notes

If you’ve been wondering how to change the link color on Apple Notes (which are usually yellow), you’ve come to the right place to find out exactly how!

Apple Notes is one of the most useful built-in apps that Mac computers ship with. Unlike the default apps on Windows, most default software on macOS is pretty useful. While there is an abundance of third-party note-taking apps for macOS, Apple Notes remains one of the best feature-rich and easy-to-use note-taking apps out there.

However, when it comes to customizability, you may feel a little out of luck. Unlike most other third-party apps, Apple Notes does not offer much — or any — customization options. If you open the Preferences for Notes, you’ll be greeted with only the following options.

Apple Notes preferences window doesn't offer much in terms of customizability.
Pro tip: You can have a light background even on dark mode if you uncheck the “Use dark background for note content” option.

That, as I said above, isn’t really much. For most people, that may be fine. It has the option to switch the background color for note content from dark to light regardless of the system preferences. But one thing you may have not figured out yet is how to change the link colors on Apple Notes.

Changing the link color on Apple Notes

When you add a link to a note, it automatically becomes yellow or another color, depending on your system preferences.

Displaying some link colors in yellow on Apple notes. Can you change it?
You can change the content background from light to dark, but can you change the link color in the note content?

Can you change the link color from yellow to something else? It’s not straightforward, but it is possible. You can change the link color on Apple Notes from yellow to a few other colors.

To change this, navigate to System PreferencesGeneral → Change the color next to “Accent color.”

The System Preferences panel side-by-side with Apple Notes showing some links in a different color than yellow.

Tip: You can go to System Preferences by clicking Launchpad → search for System Preferences or by pressing CMD + Space and typing System Preferences in Spotlight Search.

If you keep the Apple Notes open while changing the accent color, you will see the color of the links change as you change the accent color.

A gif showing how accent color change affects the link colors on Apple Notes.
Who knew changing link colors on Apple Notes was this simple..and hidden!

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t give you the option to choose your own color from something like a color wheel, but it does give you some options, including a graphite option if you prefer muted colors.

There you have it! I don’t know why Apple doesn’t allow selecting a color that’s different from the accent color, but now you know, at least you are not stuck with yellow or whatever the link color you’ve been seeing so far on Apple Notes!

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      That’s odd that you don’t have an accent color on System Preferences → General. Which version of macOS are you running?

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